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A ministry that supports the healing of sexual abuse survivors.


A Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Our mission is to provide resources to support the healing of sexual abuse survivors, utilizing the arts as a means to share and celebrate Christ-centered healing.

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Partner Healing Programs

Grief to Grace

Abuse victims frequently experience prolonged emotional suffering, including anxiety disorders, addictions, depression, sexual dysfunction, sexual identity conflicts or confusion and even relational problems. In addition, many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder in which they are held hostage to the past through flashbacks, nightmares, and the need to keep painful memories imprisoned by behaviors and activities designed to escape the hurt.

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Grief Recovery Group

The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program (from Healing Our Hearts) is operated under the format and guidelines established by the Grief Recovery Institute. Rosie Fox (BA CADC II, Grief Specialist), who has been certified by the Institute to do this work, will facilitate the program.

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Rise & Shine: Rise from abuse and Shine with Jesus!

From being pinned down by abuse, let’s Rise up and Shine with Jesus! Victim-survivors of child abuse can now help others who have experienced the same, including those who became abusers themselves. By sharing stories of how we found healing with Jesus, through in-person and written form, we can be witnesses that life after abuse can be beautiful. Living close to Him, we will rally them up so they can rise up and shine as they truly are: beloved daughters and sons of God.

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"I AM" Program

This consists of a therapeutically-based curriculum, developed and written by April Jones, LMFT. The curriculum uses techniques common in cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and family systems therapy, to bring lasting healing and change. The curriculum combines these therapeutic practices with Christian spirituality to go beyond awareness and foster transformation.

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Wellness Revelation Study Group

Research suggests that physical and emotional traumas are stored in the body's memory and that exercise can support the overall healing process.


In this course, we follow a 9-week study structure that walks us through The Wellness Revelation Book by Alisa Keeton. Alisa is a leading certified fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience. She founded Revelation Wellness in 2007. Why have so many people been transformed through this study? 

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Testimonials for The Grief to Grace Retreat:

Testimonials for one of our partners: The “I AM…” Workshop:

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How You Can Help

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Attend Fundraising Events

Join us for fundraising events, such as "The Freeways Art Exhibition"

Your financial support helps us provide scholarships to abuse survivors and helps support partner programs. (We are a volunteer-based organization)


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The Seraphim Project
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