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Our mission is to provide resources to support the healing of sexual abuse survivors, utilizing the arts as a means to share and celebrate Christ-centered healing.


The Seraphim Project partners with various healing ministries to provide scholarships for retreats and workshops to survivors of sexual abuse. Each healing program that we have partnered with serves a unique purpose in bringing healing to mind, body, and soul. Survivors of abuse are invited to participate in as many programs as possible. Scholarships are granted primarily based on a person’s financial need. 


The “I AM…” class meets online weekly for 12 weeks, and utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and family systems therapy to help the participant to gain a new understanding of who they are. Taught by a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, participants restructure their minds and hearts to believe what God says about their identity, rather than what their life experiences say about their identity.  


The Grief Recovery Group focuses on allowing the survivor to grieve. Many trauma survivors have never had the opportunity to grieve their pain because they have been too busy surviving it. Participants go through a healthy grieving process over the course of several weeks with a Certified Grief Therapist who facilitates an environment of empathy and understanding.


The Grief to Grace Retreat offers both cognitive restructuring as well as the facilitation of a grief process to bring about rapid healing on a 5-7 day retreat program. The program is led by a team which includes a spiritual director and at least one licensed therapist. It incorporates journaling, group sharing, and exercises with the Living Scriptures which invite the participant to rediscover Christ in their suffering and embrace their pain with a new sense of purpose.

The Wellness Revelation Study Group follows a 9-week study structure that walks through The Wellness Revelation Book by Alisa Keeton. Alisa is a leading certified fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience. She founded Revelation Wellness in 2007. 

Rise & Shine! invites victim-survivors of child abuse to help others who have experienced the same, including those who became abusers themselves. By sharing stories of how you found healing with Jesus, through in-person and written form, you can be witnesses that life after abuse can be beautiful. Living close to Him, we will rally them up so they can rise up and shine as they truly are: beloved daughters and sons of God.

(Scholarship opportunities are available at each of the programs' pages above.)

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