The Freeways Art Exhibition Fundraiser

The Seraphim Project holds annual events to help raise money and bring awareness to our cause, offering hope and healing to survivors of sexual abuse. "The Freeways Art Exhibition" is one of our main events. "Freeways" represents hope, healing, and a pathway to freedom through the arts.

With the current state of affairs, we decided to host this year's Freeways Art Exhibition virtually! The live video stream above featured several artists working on projects that anyone can purchase, even now after the event, as well as completed artwork donated beforehand by other artists. See below for all the available art! You can also make a general donation if you don't want to purchase any art.

All funds raised through this event (by art purchase or donation below) goes towards establishing a Grief to Grace retreat in Southern California. (For more information about Grief to Grace, click HERE)

The next Freeways Art Exhibition will be on Saturday April 10, 2021 at 5:00pm at Monteleone Meadows in Murrieta, California. Purchase a ticket below!

Freeways Art Exhibition 2021 Ticket

Freeways Art Exhibition 2021 Ticket

Purchase any of the art below, and all proceeds go towards our fundraiser.

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