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The Grief Recovery Group Program

Grief Recovery Group.png

The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program (from Healing Our Hearts is operated under the format and guidelines established by the Grief Recovery Institute. Rosie Fox (BA CADC II, Grief Specialist), who has been certified by the Institute to do this work, will facilitate the program.

This action program meets weekly for 9 weeks, and is designed to assist people in completing the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. People say that you have to let go and move on with your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that process.

The Grief Recovery Method not only makes it possible, it also
provides partnership and guidance to ensure that it happens.

If you or anyone you know needs healing from loss or grief, please consider attending or forwarding this program to them.

Contact Rosie to set up a group or individual workshop

Price: $560 for group / $800 for individual

Rosie Contact:

(951) 719-9025

(If you are in need of financial assistance and would like to apply for a scholarship when the next program begins, please click HERE)

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