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This is a place where we share art, prayers, and other forms of inspiration that have been submitted by survivors of sexual abuse or supporters of this ministry.

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Inspiration Wall

Nancy art.png

By Nancy Caldera 

Prayer for Healing

Lord, the wounds of childhood have suffocated the fullness of my natural generosity and the deepest human longings to be loved and to love. The abuses I have suffered have taught me great lies about the world, bold deceptions about my body, and the hardening of my tender heart. 

Lord Jesus, melt the fear and armor that imprisons my heart. The painful legacy of sorrow and shame has turned me fearfully inward, isolating the most beautiful gifts that you have entrusted to me, concealing them from me and from others.

Lord, help me to appreciate the wealth of courage, wisdom and compassion that has been hidden away deep within my body and soul. Help me to open my heart and my history to you. Give me the courage and trust to know that you embrace each and every moment of abuse that I have ever suffered.  

You did not turn away and reject the Passion caused by sin in the world. You embraced your cross and carried it, knowing that what you suffered would end in redemption for the sins of the world. Because of your great love for me, you do not turn away in contempt, but you open your arms to me in compassion; you look upon me with great care and tenderness.  

Lord, help me to feel the balm of your grace, the balm that soothes the bleeding wounds of the past, the Divine Love that binds the broken heart. Amen.  

-Dr. Teresa Burke, Grief to Grace

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