Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass Beads, Hand Strung, Ceramic Rose Beads


About the Artists

My identical twin sister Cathy and I just LOVE designing our jewelry. It’s a sense that really comes from above that our ideas are so un-mainstream that they could ONLY be divinely inspired. We started our little company with Etsy in 2015 and things just took off from there. People love the fact that their wearable works of art are truly “one-of-a-kind” and that no one, ANYWHERE, is wearing their selection. We primarily use Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass Beads, Natural Stones and Semi-Precious Stones to create our pieces. We also do custom pieces based on the clients preference of colors, stones and crystals and create beautiful bridal party gifts and bridal wedding day jewelry. We do a lot of charity contributions, as we believe completely in the necessity of giving back to a community that gives us so much. Nearly five years ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and even though my priorities have become more pronounced, I still find refuge in creating beautiful jewelry and celebrating life to its fullest. Come by and see Cathy and I in our Etsy Store at: Fontainedejouvence.Etsy.com (no www needed) and order something special! Fontaine De Jouvence is French for “Fountain of Youth”. Come on by and see us and say hello!  Namaste.....Chris & Cathy

Necklace #1 (by Christine & Cathy)