Rise & Shine: Rise from abuse and Shine with Jesus!

“Rise and do not be afraid!” Mt. 17:7

rise and shine logo.png

From being pinned down by abuse, let’s Rise up and Shine with Jesus! Victim-survivors of child abuse can now help others who have experienced the same, including those who became abusers themselves. By sharing stories of how we found healing with Jesus, through in-person and written form, we can be witnesses that life after abuse can be beautiful. Living close to Him, we will rally them up so they can rise up and shine as they truly are: beloved daughters and sons of God.


Those who are called to share are invited to write their life story, focusing more on their journey of healing and walk with Jesus than the actual abuse. We will gather all stories as a collection and have it printed as a book. Once feasible, we can go to different churches and share our stories of how we were healed by Jesus.


For questions, please contact Jeckie Alcaraz at 951-795-8809. Send your written witness to Jeckie.Alcaraz@gmail.com.